Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Starting My Day Right (On The Web)

I've been a happy user of Google's customizable start page. But in one of the dozen or so marketing/advertising email newsletters I receive at work now, I read about:

I am tooling around with all three, but I have to say that I just really love the look of ProtoPage. It's certainly not the most functional of the three, but man, I sure wouldn't mind starting my day by looking at that! Nice....

Also, to my delight, I found out that I can get paid to blog! Yep, thanks to, I can get paid an average of $5 per blog post... and I would only have to sell out just a wee bit. Okay, a lot. But hey, I'll take money for my writing whenever and however I can get it! Now, if they'll only approve this blog....

Yes, Christy's right. I have gone mad with this Tivo thing. It's wonderful. Oh, and what she didn't mention is that I can transfer the shows from our Tivo box to my laptop. Then, with a quick copy to my flash (thumb, USB, et al) drive, I can watch TV on my break at work! (Now that I've finished watching Season One of the new Doctor Who during my lunch hours, I'm free to start watching my Tivo'ed shows.)


Lastly but not leastly, I am very happy watching movies on Starz Ticket.

Who needs cable with all of this other exciting technology?!?


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