Sunday, October 29, 2006

I (inadvertantly) lied

Last time I said that we don't watch that much television. However, Gregory has gone completely insane over the Tivo. He records nearly everything in the world. I caught him recording the teen sensation (I think) One Tree Hill. Our Now Playing list is quite eventful, and this is without cable. I can only imagine what life would be like with access to BBC America--even I would go crazy over that. But it's rather amusing how he's become a Tivo fiend, and I'm quite enjoying it. I'm a little surprised that he's not in here watching it right now, but I think it's because I'm supposed to be working. I fully intend to get back to grading papers when I'm done with the blog.

In completely unrelated news, Bertram tries to open the door for us when we get home. If he is in the window and sees us coming, we wait for him to disappear and moments later we the little click of his paw (or possibly head) on the doorknob. It is the cutest thing ever, and it lessens his evilness quite a bit. Actually, the little tyke's been behaving very well, for him, so I shouldn't say that he's evil. But we all know he is, in a loveable kind of way.

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