Sunday, January 28, 2007

Homosexual Sheep

Yesterday Gregory received his Time magazine in the mail. If you happen to have the Feb. 5, 2007 issue handy, let's turn to page 54. This page made me laugh for about fifteen minutes. You will see a picture of two rams looking (lovingly) at each other with the headline "Yep, They're Gay." Subtitle: "In defense of rams who love rams--and the scientists who are studying them." And the best line of the article, "All gay rams are butch..."

Unfortunately, much of the article is actually quite sad: "PETA claims that researchers in Oregon are killing gay sheep and cutting open their brains in order to learn how to turn gay rams straight." But then, "[physiologist Charles] Roselli says he and his colleagues never had any intention of creating a drug that will turn people straight." And I guess only 55 sheep, both homosexual and heterosexual, have been killed--which is quite a lot for the poor sheep, but better than the hundreds I was imagining.

I think it's important to do such studies to show ignorant people that homosexuality really is not a choice and that it can't be turned off no matter how much you pray, because the Lord God made people of all types for a reason which most likely is not for us to persecute each other for being different. But people are generally so close minded and personally offensive to me that many would likely applaud a "cure" for homosexuality.

That penultimate (second-to-last) sentence is very run-on-like, but this was done for stylistic, not grammar-deficient purposes.

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Intellectual Devotional

I was so very pleased to see that Wil Wheaton discovered the book from which Christy reads to me on a nightly basis. Great minds think alike.

Friday, January 12, 2007

So Sleeeeeee...

I... am... so... sleeeee... py.

I need this three-day weekend.

Portrait of a Sweetums as a Young Sleeping Man

Gregory is currently chewing something in his sleep and has a plush turtle next to his head. The turtle is named Tortuga, and he is wearing a pocket watch around his neck.

By the way, the other day I was at Baker's eating a veggie wrap with my mother when I heard a woman tell her toddler, "Let's go, Sweetums." I felt a sense of confusion and amusement. The veggie wrap is really a burrito. I guess "wrap" sounds more vegetarian. I was bad and added cheese.

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

A New Approach

I am going to be taking a new approach to my music with the help of the DigiTech JamMan Looper Pedal. This will increase my live performance capabilities, which is something I would like to work towards, in addition to signing with Magnatune.

I've come to the decision that though I love the written word, creating music has always been a deep-rooted desire within me, much like Solieri in Amadeus. I listen to good music and want to be a part of that so badly.

Seeing as a cyber squatter snatched up the domain name for my old Lucky Tourist moniker, I want to come up with a new name. That's tough. I gotta think on this a while.

Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Human Zoo

Now this is a switch: human testing for animals! Check out the experiment here.

Monday, January 08, 2007

From Bad to Good... In 60 Minutes

After a bad dream had me feeling pretty crappy, things suddenly got a lot better when I got to work. Upon entering my cubicle, I saw a Moon Knight action figure--still sealed in its package--sitting on my desk, thanks to Lesley, the other comic book geek of the office.I also just received my long-awaited invitation to the invitation-only beta test of The Venice Project. TV is about to get a whole lot better.

Saturday, January 06, 2007

Our Bad Cat

I need to also briefly discuss what will undoubtedly become known as THE find of 2007 (besides the murse): the Bad Cat Page-A-Day Calendar. If you have a bad cat in your life, as I do, please consider purchasing this little gem. It's the first thing that's made me look forward to tomorrows since falling in love.

If you need convincing, I quote from today's page:

"From Kitty's Kitchen


5 fresh frog's legs
4 well-rinsed hot dogs

Puree and transfer to individual ramekins."

I can't even describe the accompanying picture. Let me just say that it involves a little white cat in a dress and kerchief.

Bad Cat is also available online at They should pay me for this. By the way, I am currently listening to the "Wham Rap," circa 1986: "Wham, bam, I am a man!"

The Quote that Epitomizes Christy's Existence

Omigod, I can't believe my husband called Disney the evil empire! That's, like, so not rad...

In other news, Gregory's man purse has arrived! There was the box sitting behind the planter next to the front door when I got home today. He's gotten me so damned excited about this murse that I was as gleeful as he was opening it. He promptly began to fill the murse's many compartments with all those little things he cannot do without: little electronic gadgets and such. He now has very special places for his cell phone, mp3 player, portable speakers, digital camera, comb, chapstick, wallet, business card holder, three sets of keys, magazines, book, lotion (please, dear reader, encourage him to use it)--well, it appears that he did need a murse after all! And now he understands the sheer joy I feel when filling a new bag or wallet.

But this is not the only reason I write tonight. I've recently rediscovered an older, classic sort of b-side by the Smiths--thank God for itunes. I think this might be my favourite Smiths song. Please, immediately download "Handsome Devil" and listen to Morrissey (what I feel for him is love) sing my life:

"Oh, there's more to life than books, you know, but not much more..."

Friday, January 05, 2007

He's Not Yelling

Pat Cooper was on Howard Stern on August 8, 1989... and it was H-I-L-A-R-I-O-U-S! Oh, and Joe Walsh was pretty good, too. Thanks to Sirius Satellite Radio and Howard's Master Tape show, I got to hear this today. Picture me cracking up at a red light. Yeah. Cool.

Like a Cheap Bull

A cheap Bull alternative:
A vegan peanut butter cookie:
Together, a perfect recipe for energy.

Remembering Spocko's Brain

The evil empire, Disney, has shut down Spocko's Brain, a blog that called for a letter-writing campaign to chase advertisers away from ABC affiliate radio station KSFO after the author of Spocko's Brain took issue with comments by one of the radio station's right-wing talk show hosts.

I wasn't fortunate enough to visit Spocko's Brain before it was shut down, but for those of you who did, you can remember it with Internet Archive's Wayback Machine.

Disney: Shame on you!

Thursday, January 04, 2007

My Response to Wil

Here is my response to Wil Wheaton's recent post about Bush giving himself the power to go through our mail:

Ultimately, we have to ask ourselves: Does this effect me? I, personally, have to answer in the negative. Just because the government gives themselves the power to do something doesn't mean they're going to... certainly not to me, anyway. Keep your nose clean and there's nothing to worry about.

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

What a Find!

So last night I was just talking to Christy about how I didn't think having only a gym membership was enough for me to get in shape. I need something I can do at home as I watch TV or listen to Sirius Satellite Radio. We discussed the requirement that it should have a small footprint, so it wouldn't take up too much of our modest apartment. I mentioned one of those climbing machines:
and Christy thought we could consider it.

But as luck would have it, Bed Bath & Beyond was having a fantastic clearance on something similar to this:

At just $19.99, we (I) snatched it up. After a bit of confusion about how to put it together, I was able to pound away. I could "feel it" after just a few minutes, and it's great fun! If you haven't already, I highly recommend picking one up. I imagine they won't be around long at that price. I joked with Christy that I could get one for every room so that I can pound my way around the apartment. Ha!

Monday, January 01, 2007

New Year

Happy New Year everyone. May all the years ahead of you be filled with love, love, love.