Thursday, October 30, 2008

Blog Redesign... In Progress

Yes, it's sloppy, I know. But I've modified the blog to more closely match our beautiful new homepage. I'm not entirely happy with the colors, and there are remnant graphics from the old design. (Look for the corners and the little green arrows.)

I'm thinking I may just have to build a new template from scratch. Hopefully it doesn't come to that, as it would be a huge undertaking, including a steep learning curve.

But for now, I'm happy with the result. And the new header ties in beautifully with the design of our homepage.

Ah, but it's getting late, and I work early.

Bertram Shops at Ross

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After a long day of shopping, Bertram chooses to Reduce-Recycle-Reuse by napping in the shopping bags. He insists we keep an eye on him as he does so... for his own safety.

Owl Watch

I want this owl.

Great Finds at Ross

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Halloween at Work? I Guess Not

At work, we had decided to all dress as nerds for Halloween. But I'm guessing no one is going to dress up, after all. There's a lot of negative energy floating around because of something our manager did, such as not showing up to a meeting and not caring that we were all waiting around for 30 minutes before she decided to call us back to let us know that we should "probably" leave.

So, no. I don't think I feel much like dressing like a nerd. And I don't think anyone else will, either.

Never mind the fact that I'm basically a nerd, anyway.

My Voting Record, 2008 (updated with results)

I voted. Have you?

President and Vice President
Bob Barr / Wayne A. Root (Libertarian)
Result: Obama/Biden (Democrat); Barr received 489,817 votes, 0.4%

United States Representative 44th Congressional District
Bill Hedrick (Democratic)
Result: Ken Calvert (Republican)

State Senator 31st Senatorial District
Ameenuh Fuller (Democratic)
Result: Robert D. Dutton (Republican)

Member of the State Assembly 64th Assembly District
Brian Nestande (Republican)
Result: Brian Nestande (Republican)

Riverside Community College District Governing Board Member
Mary Figueroa
Mark A. Takano
Result: Mary Figueroa; Mark A. Takano

Prop. 1A
Result: Yes

Prop. 2
Result: Yes

Prop. 3
Result: Yes

Prop. 4
Result: No

Prop. 5
Result: No

Prop. 6
Result: No

Prop. 7
Result: No

Prop. 8
Result: Yes

Prop. 9
Result: Yes

Prop. 10
Result: No

Prop. 11
Result: Yes

Prop. 12
Result: Yes

Don't you just love mail-in ballots? I do.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

TV's Latest, Part 3: In Response to "Anonymous" & "Anonymous" the Second

Dear Anonymous,

I was hoping you would check back for my reply, and thank you for your latest comment. I did indeed setup a TiVo wishlist; one movie, Americano, is soon to be watched, and another, Gossip, is set to record. I will keep an eye out for Aurora Borealis, Safety of Objects and I Love Your Work, but I suspect I may have to actually rent those. I will watch them soon and post my thoughts.

Dear Anonymous the Second,

You and Anonymous must be friends. You're the nice one.

Horchata, Waiting for Christy

Actually, I'm waiting for Christy. I thought I would surprise her at her usual lunch spot! The horchata is here for me.
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TV's Latest, Part 2: In Response to "Anonymous"

Dear Anonymous,

Thank you for your comment on my post, "TV's Latest". Sometimes I wonder if anyone even reads our blog, and, if nothing else, your comment proves people do.

Maybe I am an idiot, as you point out. Other than Dawson's Creek, I was only aware that Joshua Jackson was in one movie, and all I remember about it was that it was one of those teen thriller flicks. (Cursed?) But a quick search on IMDB reveals a long list of credits, including these highlights:

Though I've certainly put my foot in my mouth, his list of credits doesn't appear to include anything one might consider challenging. Sure, his characters may differ, slightly, but I want to see him in a dramatically different role. I'd love to see him play a quiet introvert, maybe someone with a mental disability (think Leonardo DiCaprio in What's Eating Gilbert Grape), or maybe something slapstick.

Anonymous, maybe you can suggest some of his more obscure films that support your claim to his acting versatility?

And keep in mind, I'm not saying that Joshua Jackson is a bad actor. He most certainly is not. In fact, I enjoy him thoroughly. My point is this: probably through no fault of his own, his characters have been very Pacey-like.

That said, you have a point, Anonymous. I'll create a TiVo wishlist for "Jackson,Joshua" so I can be better informed.

Now, if only you knew how to write...

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

TV's Latest

I've been watching My Own Worst Enemy and Fringe. They're both fun shows, but nothing spectacular. Christian Slater and Joshua Jackson, though decent actors, have limited acting ranges. Jackson, especially, essentially plays the same character in every role. But they both have charisma and are fun to watch. I fully expect Enemy to outlast Fringe, but I wouldn't be entirely surprised to see a second season of Fringe.

In TV's not-so-latest, Christy and I watched the "Birthmarks" episode of House last night and we agreed it was one of the best. For once, we get a look into why Gregory House is who he is. We also see further signs of true emotion from him, building on what we witnessed in "House's Head/Wilson's Heart". And as for the House-Wilson bromance... bravo! "Birthmarks" may also be the funniest episode we've seen.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Thursday Morning Hockey on TiVo

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Wednesday, October 15, 2008

A Midafternoon Break with Christy

Spending time with Christy on her break between classes. First, Miguel's Jr. Then, Target. Now, Starbucks and a venti green tea latte with soy milk, over ice. And let's not forget the petite vanilla scones.
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"Nice Sky"

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She's Grading Papers at Miguel's Jr.

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Saturday, October 11, 2008

Morning Mexican Lavender

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Friday, October 10, 2008

Disneyland Parade

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Sunday, October 05, 2008

Untitled Poem, Unearthed

Looking back through my old blog over at Livejournal, I found this poem I had written:

Her book of poems found its way
to sit comfortably next to the Bible
the Mormon's gave me.
Her spine white, and sharp like a knife.
His, black and dull.
The two sit there still, one supporting the other,
yet surrounded by strange books
with questionable intentions.
Somehow their poetic souls mingle amongst the chaos.
Their words, standing in line patiently,
one after the other,
waiting for the moment for which they were born.
Their moment comes and goes
in what may or may not have been a thought.


I am so excited about the new hockey season! I think it officially starts on October 9 or 10, but they had a couple games on TV today. I TiVo'ed the Senators-Penguins game, as the Ottawa Senators are probably in my top five favorite teams. I'm thinking about joining a fantasy league, but the last time I did that, I didn't do well.

New Web Site Design

It's been a while since either of us has posted. That's probably due to the fact that we've been obsessed with Facebook. But I do have a (relatively) big announcement: I finally got around to redesigning our web site. It's simple and beautiful, if I do say so myself. Check it out here:

And let me know what you think!

Our blog is next up for a redesign. It may be a while for me to get around to it, though.