Saturday, July 28, 2007

The Return of the Sweetums

It's been a long time. A long time. A few weeks ago, I tried to make a post and my beautiful little ibook did some crazy things. It continued to do strange things like refusing to open certain websites. So we decided to update to Mac OSX Tiger. And now everything works. I am so happy. I think I'll leave a comment on Dustin's Days of our Lives page.

Wednesday, July 11, 2007


I failed to mention that on Monday someone decided to be real clever and cut off my XM satellite radio antenna on my car. For those that don’t know, the antenna consists of a very powerful magnet that you stick to the top of the car with a wire snaking in through the door to the radio. Well, someone yanked the wire, cut it, then stole the magnet. At this point, I feel I’ve invested enough in my satellite radios, so I won’t be replacing it. No more satellite radio in the car! Thank God for CD’s…


This morning I noticed that the landscapers for the apartment complex weed-whacked my Moroccan Mint. In the front of the apartment, I guess I will just have to put everything in pots. (But this idea brings flashbacks of my stolen Pygmy Date Palm.)


These two events have me feeling a little depressed. I just want to take a really long nap.


Tuesday, July 10, 2007

More Proof

In case the photo below wasn't enough proof, I also appear very briefly in the background of this video. I am standing against the wall behind the Cup, in my white shirt and tie, just to the left of center, watching as a guy in a Bruins jersey has his moment with the Stanley Cup. By my count, it's like the third shot in the video.

I'm there. I really am there! Blurry, but there.


See, I told you so:

Touching the Cup

Yes, I touched the Stanley Cup. I really did. And I have pictures to prove it! No, really, I do. You'll see. Then you will bow down to me....

You've Come a Long Way, Kid

I am very excited to say that I am once again Microsoft-free, thanks to Ubuntu Feisty Fawn. I found a copy in Linux Magazine, tested it out thanks to the live CD, and after some deliberation (entirely unrelated to my previous jury duty posts) I installed it, wiping out Windows (hopefully) once and for all.

Yes, Linux has come a long way. Hardware support has improved dramatically, and Ubuntu starts up and shuts down much more quickly than Windows. So far it appears to be stable and bug-free. The only downside I have found so far is trying to get the wireless networking, well, working. But a 25 foot ethernet cable has me happily online for now.

Well, tomorrow it's back to work (Stanley Cup, baby!), so I must retire. Go to bed, that is. Yeah.

Monday, July 09, 2007

(Not) Doing the Duty

So much for doing the (jury) duty. It was just Murphy's Law at work. I was actually looking forward to jury duty for once... and for reasons unknown to us potential jurors, we were all excused today. I can only assume either the defense decided trial-by-judge might give them better odds (is such a thing legally possible?), or there was some sort of plea bargain. At any rate, it's over.

The good news is that this means I will get to see the Stanley Cup tomorrow morning at work! Yes, the Stanley Cup, the Holy Grail of the NHL, is coming to The Press-Enterprise office. I'm there.

Friday, July 06, 2007

Doing the Duty

For the first time in my life, I am doing the duty—jury duty, that is. I was at the courthouse all yesterday, I’m at work today, but will be back on duty Monday.


Is it sad that I’m actually looking forward to Monday?


We’re in the jury selection phase, and it is likely that I will be an alternate. I find the whole process very interesting and almost wish that I hadn’t had excuses for not serving in the past.


The judge has assured us that the longest the trial will go is Friday of next week. After that, I will be free to post more details about doing the duty. Stay tuned.