Wednesday, July 11, 2007


I failed to mention that on Monday someone decided to be real clever and cut off my XM satellite radio antenna on my car. For those that don’t know, the antenna consists of a very powerful magnet that you stick to the top of the car with a wire snaking in through the door to the radio. Well, someone yanked the wire, cut it, then stole the magnet. At this point, I feel I’ve invested enough in my satellite radios, so I won’t be replacing it. No more satellite radio in the car! Thank God for CD’s…


This morning I noticed that the landscapers for the apartment complex weed-whacked my Moroccan Mint. In the front of the apartment, I guess I will just have to put everything in pots. (But this idea brings flashbacks of my stolen Pygmy Date Palm.)


These two events have me feeling a little depressed. I just want to take a really long nap.


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