Sunday, October 29, 2006

I (inadvertantly) lied

Last time I said that we don't watch that much television. However, Gregory has gone completely insane over the Tivo. He records nearly everything in the world. I caught him recording the teen sensation (I think) One Tree Hill. Our Now Playing list is quite eventful, and this is without cable. I can only imagine what life would be like with access to BBC America--even I would go crazy over that. But it's rather amusing how he's become a Tivo fiend, and I'm quite enjoying it. I'm a little surprised that he's not in here watching it right now, but I think it's because I'm supposed to be working. I fully intend to get back to grading papers when I'm done with the blog.

In completely unrelated news, Bertram tries to open the door for us when we get home. If he is in the window and sees us coming, we wait for him to disappear and moments later we the little click of his paw (or possibly head) on the doorknob. It is the cutest thing ever, and it lessens his evilness quite a bit. Actually, the little tyke's been behaving very well, for him, so I shouldn't say that he's evil. But we all know he is, in a loveable kind of way.

Monday, October 23, 2006

He's Slipping!

Well, since Gregory seems to be slipping in his blogging duties, I will have to step up to the plate! Right now we are watching Heroes (actually it's commercial time). We are watching on our new Tivo, which we fully expect to revolutionize the way we watch television. It's funny, though, because we really don't watch that much television. But we do need to keep up with our Days of our Lives, Gilmore Girls, and Heroes, and whatever else strikes us.

Sylvan is out of my life, at least for a while. More on this later.

Sunday, October 08, 2006


Due to popular demand, I have fixed the comments feature so you don't have to register to leave a comment. Sorry, I should have done this a long time ago!

Feeling Super(human)

It's like I'm a kid again! I've suddenly gotten back into comic books. I'm now a proud subscriber of Moon Knight. I'm fighting the inevitable addiction to City of Heroes. And I am glued to the TV every Monday at 9PM to watch Heroes on NBC. This, hopefully, explains why I haven't been posting on a regular basis lately.

Speaking of Heroes, there is an article you won't believe in Defamer about how a garbage disposal--In-Sink-Erator in particular--cannot possibly mangle someone's hand if they were to thrust said hand into the device.

On another subject, I'm getting the itch of self-employment again. But Christy and I talked about it and we don't want me to engage in any activities that could jeopardize my employment with The Press-Enterprise. I have to say I'm a bit disappointed, but I'll get over it. Christy's point is valid, as what I had in mind could be construed as being a conflict of interests. Oh well. One day I will be self-employed again.

Monday, October 02, 2006

Chocolate Pudding

It is late. Gregory sleeps. He is the only one who can truly appreciate the state of my brain right now, but I shall try to explain it to the hoi polloi. I now have three part time jobs. I live the life of the true commuter and the adjunct instructor without one college to call her own (yet). I work in Moreno Valley, Norco, and San Bernardino, and I live in Riverside. This strikes me as somewhat insane, though I know of several intelligent people who have survived the same kind of lifestyle (and worse) and are now thriving in full time tenure track positions.

Our friend Mark Twain (Samuel Clemens) noted, "The difference between the right word and almost the right word is the difference between lightning and the lightning bug." Or was it "the lightning bug and lightning"? Anyways, the absolute best and most precise words to describe my brain are "chocolate pudding." Mushy and ill formed, perhaps, but mighty TASTY...

Bertram bit Gregory and I cleansed and covered his wounds. (Hello, Nurse!) Bertram is an evil kitty. We love him so.