Tuesday, October 28, 2008

TV's Latest

I've been watching My Own Worst Enemy and Fringe. They're both fun shows, but nothing spectacular. Christian Slater and Joshua Jackson, though decent actors, have limited acting ranges. Jackson, especially, essentially plays the same character in every role. But they both have charisma and are fun to watch. I fully expect Enemy to outlast Fringe, but I wouldn't be entirely surprised to see a second season of Fringe.

In TV's not-so-latest, Christy and I watched the "Birthmarks" episode of House last night and we agreed it was one of the best. For once, we get a look into why Gregory House is who he is. We also see further signs of true emotion from him, building on what we witnessed in "House's Head/Wilson's Heart". And as for the House-Wilson bromance... bravo! "Birthmarks" may also be the funniest episode we've seen.

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Anonymous said...

if you honestly think that josh has played the same character then you are obviously one of those idiots who haven't watched ANY of his films and is just judging it based on that stupid show Dawson's Creek. asshole.