Thursday, November 16, 2006

Bandwidth Thief

Bandwidth thief that I am, I'm blogging in Redlands thanks to some poor unsuspecting wireless broadband customer. I don't feel bad. It's not like a person says, "Hey, where did I put my bandwidth? You know, I think it must be stolen!"

I've had a good day of prospecting out in the field for a change, as opposed to sitting in the office all day making cold calls. It feels so much more productive this way. Some reps hate doing walk-ins, but I love them. Well, I love them as much as anyone can love talking to a complete stranger.

At any rate, I just thought that I would mention how you can help our Happiness Fund grow! Do you see that little ad over on the left? If it interests you, click on it and buy something! Christy and I get a small commission, which will be deposited directly into our Happiness Fund. I've added several companies with whom I either already do business or will very soon, so you can rest assured they are good.

Well, my shady spot keeps moving, so I think that's my cue to head back to the office.

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