Monday, November 27, 2006

The State of the Sweetums Address

It is November 27, which means that I have two days to find my journal and write my annual State of the Sweetums report. I made up that name just now, but there really is a journal (several, actually) and I really do comment upon my life every birthday. Unfortunately, I have papers to grade right now, so the journal will have to wait.

I considered writing my annual birthday entry in this blog, but I have decided that the information likely to be contained within may be so explosive as to affect the lives of all who read it, and for all our sakes, it must remain sub rosa. I just made that up, too. I have no secrets, really. But I could make up one of those, as well.

I think that my tendency toward procrastination and my job as a writing instructor do not match up well. However, neither is likely to change, so we must press on.


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