Monday, July 24, 2006

Today's the Day

I have my third interview at The Press Enterprise today. I should be sleeping right now, but I wanted to check out the web site in a little more depth for my interview. Research for a (very) possible job is a good excuse; admittedly, the Vanilla Chai Spice French Market Coffee & Chicory has something to do with it, as well. (The creamer smells like eggnog! Dangerous.)

I hope Christy will take a moment to post in here now and then. She's the more practical of the two of us, so blogging isn't high on her list, as it is on mine. Maybe if everyone harrasses her with emails, she can be prodded into making her first entry! Haha....


Raspberry Tart said...

congrats on your colaboration online & in life! i love the pic of u both on the main page. so freakin' cute! i have bookmarked the love inherent in the system.
i wish u all the best w/ your interview, mr. sweetums.
i look 4ward 2 reading a post by mrs. sweetums.

psonica said...

Great site loved it alot, will come back and visit again.