Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Setting the Hoop On Fire...

... and jumping through it with bells on!

I went through what I believe is the final hoop for The Press Enterprise job. I had to go in this morning to meet with the rest of the staff and see if I "fit". Well, in my mind, I fit like a glove! It went very, very well. I am really excited.

My excitement isn't limited to the job itself, or even the money(!), but perhaps most of all I finally feel that maybe, just maybe, I deserve all Christy gives me. Even though she's my wife now, I still find it hard to accept that I deserve someone who any man would be extremely lucky to have in his life.

But she chose me! That just goes to show how much faith she has in me. I am trying harder and harder every day to make her belief in me justified. If I get this job, her pride in being married to me will have paid off... maybe. (She's really proud of me and I'm never quite sure why.)

At any rate, I should find out if I got the job tomorrow. Bobbi, my will-be supervisor, said if she doesn't call by late tomorrow to go ahead and give her a call. That, dear readers, sounds promising!

Thank you all for your thoughts and prayers. It won't be forgotten.

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