Tuesday, July 25, 2006

One... More... Hoop

Yes, the interview process for The Press Enterprise job is not over. They asked me to come in one last time to have the rest of the staff of the office in which I would be placed (San Bernardino) meet and interview me. This is good and bad. Bad because it's yet another hoop which I must jump through, another thing to emotionally tie me to this job opportunity. (If I don't get it after all of this, I will truly be devastated!!!) The good news is that having gotten this far probably means I will have little about which to be devastated.

I really do think the job is mine (all mine, my precious!), that this is almost just a formality. I think I'd have to turn psychotic--in addition to being late for the 9AM appointment--to not get the job at this point.

Wish me luck. Good news, I'm sure, is on the way....

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