Monday, February 26, 2007


Gregory and I are slowly watching the Westminster Dog Show, which actually took place a couple of weeks ago in New York City, my favourite city in our fine country. We don't have cable, though, and it was on the USA network, so my brothers generic-tivo-ed it for us. We've gotten through the first four groups. I'm a bit disappointed to say that two of the winners so far have been poodles--the toy poodle for the toy group, and the standard poodle for the non-sporting group. It's not that I hate poodles, for I could never truly hate a dog. My father, on the other hand, despised poodles, but that's a different story. Anyway, I'm sure poodles are fine dogs, but they look so silly in a not-very-cute way. The Pomeranian was cute, but certainly not as cute as my own, Percy (also called Percival), who is a female despite having a male's name.

Speaking of Westminster, I bought a wonderful thing called the American Kennel Club Best of Show Board Game for a mere $15 at Barnes and Noble. We played it the other night, and it was very amusing. I was the golden retriever and Gregory was the bulldog. I can't wait to bring this game to the masses.

By the way, whenever I am asked for my favourite sport, I always answer with the Westminster Dog Show. I know it's not so much a sport as an event, but it is truly great. My dad and I used to watch all six hours of it together for the past several years, so in his memory I like to pick out the ones he would find ugliest. But gosh darn it all if he didn't really love dogs underneath it all!

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Raspberry Tart said...

i can just imagine the comments chet would make if we were all watching a cat show. i really cant handle toy sized dogs or smaller. anything smaller than percy seems like a waste; especially those taco bell dogs(sorry, i cant spell the correct name). if u accidentally step on them, it can be near fatal. a dog shouldnt be that delicate. God didnt make those dogs tiny & super fragile; humans did thru breeding. its not fair 2 the animals. other than that...dogs r great. im off my rant now...sorry. the sweetums' rock my socks!