Monday, December 18, 2006

"Wonderful, wonderful, wonderful, and again most wonderful..."

As I like to quote from HAMLET during such weather: "The air bites shrewdly. It is very cold." Likewise, during the summer I like to turn to Gregory and say, "Sometimes too hot the eye of heaven shines." (From one of Sh.'s sonnets--can't remember which one) ("Sh." is my abbreviation for Shakespeare, of course.) But anyway, my point is that it's very chilly. Like the tundra.

Greg is playing his wrestling game on the Gamecube. His enjoyment of the WWE is his one flaw. But I try not to say anything too rude during the Friday Night Smackdown, although, to his credit, he tries to watch it on the Tivo when I'm not around. I do wish he would play Super Monkey Ball 2 instead. Then I could destroy him in Monkey Bowling.

We had a lovely workout at Bally's this evening. It's amazing how quickly an hour passes when you're listening to your favorite music on your ipod. But now I'm going to finish writing my last two Christmas cards and then settle down with my book. I am officially on vacation from work, and it is a wonderful feeling.

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