Friday, December 29, 2006

Movie Downloads? Ha!

Here's why legal movie downloads have not caught on. It's a lengthy article with lots of references and statistics. But, really, all they needed to say is this: Movie downloads are two damn expensive!

Considering there is no physical product, downloads should be priced at no more than 25% of the price of a movie's real world counterpart. We're talking five bucks in most cases. That, dear movie industry, would make your movies sell like hotcakes!

Do you movie-industry-decision-making-types think we're idiots?!? Why would we pay $10 or more for something that we have to spend time downloading, and even then we can only watch it on our computer. For a few bucks more, we can get the real thing. Hopefully the movie-industry-slow-to-adapt-types will catch on soon. It could be so fantastic.

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