Friday, December 29, 2006 Takes Over the World!

Yesterday our blog received the most hits in one day so far in its brief history, according to Google Analytics. As you can see from the map, we're getting hits from all over the world.

Interestingly, here are some of the search terms entered in Google that brought up our blog:

  1. greg short blog

  2. is huell howser married?

  3. most wonderful and wonderful and wonderful again

  4. "daryl patch"

  5. christy
The first is obvious, because, well, it's me! I am very happy about #2; as you all know I am a huge Huell Howser fan. The third search term comes from a title of one of Christy's posts, which is, of course, a quote. The oddest by far is "daryl patch", though I do have a brother named Daryl. And #5, well, she's my wife!

I attribute this sudden burst of traffic to the fact that I've been quite active on Netscape, even though Netscape appears to only account for 11.27% of the hits.

I will drop in from time to time to inform you of the progress of's world domination. Be prepared.

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