Friday, December 22, 2006

The Slow Death of Hockey

NBC's coverage of the NHL is a step in the right direction, but without regular, frequent "Big Three" network coverage, the death of hockey in America is inevitable. Football, basketball and baseball can always be found on the major networks. Hockey is lucky if it can be found on network television a few times per season. Even if they have delayed broadcasts in off hours, so long as it is regular and frequent, I think the NHL would get a boost.

Living a cable television-free lifestyle, I have only satellite radio or the occasional KDOC broadcast to rely on. But hockey is difficult to follow on radio, and the Ducks are not my team of choice.

I am very excited about the NHL's partnership with Google. I just can't sit in front of my laptop long enough to watch a whole game. Oh, and... where's the puck?

Where's the puck, indeed. Hopefully we'll be seeing more, not fewer of them.

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