Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Working... and Loving It!

I am so happy with my new job at The Press-Enterprise! Today was my second day and all is well... very well. I am truly going to love this job. There's a lot to learn, but by all accounts I am catching on quickly.

Unfortunately, until I am used to working again (i.e. getting up early), I won't have much time to post during the week. Today, I came home from work, spent a little time trying to reinstall Norton Antivirus after I had to reinstall WinXP (something was causing my system to run very choppy; reinstalling WinXP was the only solution I could find on the 'net), then promptly fell asleep. I didn't wake up until Christy came home. I suspect something similar might occur tomorrow.

At any rate, I will try to keep you all updated as regularly as I can. But now, I am off to find a fix for Norton.

[Wow, I can't believe you read this whole post. It's really quite boring, to tell you the truth. I promise to do better next time.]

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