Sunday, August 27, 2006

Proving a Dream

We have two pieces of evidence that confirm that our dream is, in fact, a reality:

1. We finally received our marriage certificate in the mail, and

2. we finally were able to watch our wedding DVD last night!

My little brother Eric and family friend Vito did a spectacular job on the DVD, and the wedding photos (most of which we also have yet to see) that were included in the montage at the end were beautifully photographed by Christy's brother Gabe. I, personally, am extremely excited to see the rest of the photos now, as I'm sure Christy is, as well. The ones we've seen so far are truly gorgeous!

Well, it's time to take care of the pets. Bertram is crying in the living room and wants to go out on the patio. That, really, is the safest place for him. He can only get in so much trouble out there....

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