Saturday, August 12, 2006


Poor Gregory has passed out, right in the middle of my reading of MSN's list of the best egg brunch dishes. It's okay, though. He's put in a long, lovely week--plus there were no Eggs Benedict recipes anywhere on the list. (Eggie-weggie--or is it eggy-weggy?) They did have a nice-looking frittata (I think I spelled it correctly), which reminded me that I have a healthful frittata recipe I've been wanting to try.

Speaking of cooking [segue music here], I made Greg the Egg a special dinner when he got home from work: homemade BRC's. If you don't know what a BRC is, perhaps you should take this time to find out. Go now. If you do know what a BRC is, read on. Anyway, I used Trader Joe's organic pinto beans, TJ's Spanish rice, TJ's Handmade Tortillas, and TJ tortilla chips. And of course, cheese. (But not from Trader Joe's. Sad.) Anyway, such activities make me feel like a good wife. Omigod, I'm like totally a wife now...

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Mama said...

Hi Greg! I'm so proud of you and glad you are happy with your job! You don't have to prove that you deserve the job, because you have deserved it for years!
I saw the forbidden "word" in your website, and was shocked!I refused to say the forbidden "word" in Christy's note, which might traumatize her, and was going to say it in yours, but changed my mind! Guess what it is!:)Love,
Your Mama