Saturday, September 05, 2009

New Hobby

It's a lazy Saturday morning. Acid jazz is relaxing my ears. Agatha has her class this afternoon. She needs a bath. But here I am finally blogging again. And what better to blog about than my new hobby.

It's something I've wanted to do since I was a teenager. Even back then, I loved antique stores. And every antique store has a box of what I am now collecting: vintage photographs. We're not talking celebrity portraits or even vintage art. We're talking old family photos, portraits, snapshots.

For now, my interest is broad. Any old picture will do. But I've already considered narrowing my search. It dawned on me last night as I was bidding on photos that a collection of vintage photos with dogs in them would be very cool. I have yet to successfully win any of those, but I've snatched up some nice portraits.

I should note that though this sounds like an expensive hobby, many items can be found on eBay for just 99¢. And if I limit my collection to pictures with dogs, it would prevent me from building an expensive, gigantic collection with no focus. As I collect new photos, expect to see them here.

As an offshoot of this new hobby, I intend to use the photos in digital art. I love tweaking photos artistically, and using vintage photos as a resource is most appealing. Expect to see my artwork here, as well.

Agatha is smelling doggy. We don't want to embarrass her in her class, so it looks like it's bath time!

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