Monday, May 07, 2007

Mushy, But Not Peas

I have just visited a wonderful website which Gregory must soon list under my links: I can't wait to put some stuff on Bertram and submit his picture. If we can lull him into a sleepy state, he'll stand for quite a bit.

But anyway...I have to say that today was just lovely. At Sunday Night Dinner, my mother asked Greg and me what we did today, and I very nearly answered, "We just sat around and talked about how much we love each other." But it's true! One of the wonderful things about our marriage is that we decided long ago, even before we were married, that we would never ever take each other or our relationship for granted. Thus, we are constantly amazed that we have this beautiful life together. We actually discuss this quite often.

If I haven't said it before, I officially say now that I love marriage. We have found so much happiness that it makes me even sadder that many people are so close-mindedly against gay marriage. They talk about how sacred it is (although half of them are probably divorced), and they are right. It is an completely beautiful, sacred, holy state. Which is exactly why all adults should have the opportunity to enter into it if they choose.

But back to the mushiness. I am in awe of my husband. He is, as the poet Wallace Stevens said about ice cream, an absolute good. He is, in the absence of my father, the best man I know. He is every joy to me. He puts gas in my car and washes it when I'm sick. He wakes up in the middle of the night to protect me from spiders. And he will do anything just to make me laugh. You should see him do the Sav-on walk--that is true love.

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Greg Short said...

I added your link. And thanks for the love. A tear drops my eye.