Thursday, May 31, 2007

Chai Latte, Anyone?

Absolutely sick of the 25 cent “coffee” in the vending machines here at work on the 3rd floor, I decided to go down to “Eat, Drink & Make Deadline” (yes, that’s the name of our café) and get some real coffee. Well, okay, so I ended up with a Chai Latte, not coffee, but that’s the best $1.75 I’ve spent at least since yesterday.


Last night, Christy and I bought two new gold fish to keep Greg Louganis (our large gold fish, residing in the pond on our patio) company. Mark Spitz is bright orange, and Janet Evans is mostly white with some orange along her back. Greg Louganis has (hopefully) taken a fancy to Janet Evans and is constantly following her. Either that, or (gasp!) he’s trying to eat her.


By the way, we really don’t know the sex of any of the fish. We just like to think that one of them is female.

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