Sunday, February 08, 2009

Lost in the Land of Home Ownership

Whew! No posts in a long time. Sorry about that.

It's a cliche, but life really has been a whirlwind lately. We moved out of the apartment with (a little) time to spare. Now we're finishing up some painting and trying to make as much of the house livable as possible. That includes our bedroom, which is 90% complete; kitchen, 95% complete; Christy's office, 85% complete; and family room, 25% complete. (The latter, being the biggest room in the house, ended up being the dumping ground for all the boxes and miscellaneous furniture, but we've managed to carve out a corner with our couch and TV for some relaxation when we're too tired to do anything else.)

The plan was to finish painting and complete the family room, yet here I am blogging about what needs to be done instead of actually doing it. Oh, the shame.

Pet Update
Bertram the cat, after the initial shock of being in a much larger place with (mostly) free reign to boot, has decided that home ownership is the best thing in the world. He doesn't miss the carpet, as he has a new found love for wood laminate floors, upon which he gallops like a little horse.

The budgies, Max, Miguel and Frida, have never been so happy, either. Weather permitting, they get to spend the day on the back patio visiting with their wild cousins and enjoying the sights and sounds they know only from legends passed down through the generations. At night, or in foul weather, they share the family room with the rest of us. (Bertram has yet to unleash evil upon them, though he's quite aware of their existence.)

Goldfish Greg Louganis, Janet Evans, Mark Spitz, Jay Waldorf and the Female Michael Phelps, are enjoying their new digs: a raised pond, which is a work in progress. They're waiting for all the decor to arrive, but in the meantime they're celebrating the clean water and algae-free pond liner.

Steve, the squirrel in the oak tree in our front yard, is upset that I raked up most of his acorns before mowing the lawn.

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