Wednesday, February 11, 2009

(A Little) Progress

I've made some good progress on the house this morning. I guess it appears better than it actually is. I only unpacked a few suitcases and a couple boxes. I think it looks so much better because I did a lot of consolidating. Our suitcases fit nicely within one another, and I've arranged the remaining boxes in the corner of the family room. At least we can walk through the family room without stepping over/around boxes.

I moved the recliner--which was previously hiding behind a wall of boxes--within eyeshot of the TV. Bertram has reclaimed it as his own, especially since it gives him an excellent (yet safe, thank God) view of the birds.

The rain has finally stopped, the central air is working, I have a (half-consumed) turkey sandwich, and my beautiful wife is sitting next to me. Life is good.

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