Sunday, January 18, 2009

Recent Purchases for Our House

Though I don't feel like today was as productive as it could have been, we did get some important shopping done:

  1. washer

  2. dryer

  3. lawn mower
I considered getting a manual, push mower, but I'm concerned about the aesthetics of grass cuttings left on the lawn.

I'm also concerned about the setup for the dryer. The laundry hookups are--well, let's say "unique". I suspect Sears might not be able to hookup the dryer for any number of reasons. I sure hope it goes more smoothly than I think it will. We'll find out next Sunday.

As we change things--such as replacing the red drapes in the "sitting room" (formal living room) with aqua ones, and painting over the red walls in the family room--the house is beginning to feel more and more like "home". I can imagine that getting our furniture in there will go a long way toward making us feel comfortable.

Tomorrow's plan is to get up early and buy paint for finishing the family room. I'm hoping to get the new pond (we got a great deal on one due to a pricing error at Home Depot) started before going to work. But I should probably help finish painting the family room, as that is a priority right now.

Okay, I'm totally babbling now. More later.

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