Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Workin' the Birthday

Tomorrow is B-Day 34. Yup, and I'm working. But that's okay. My department is throwing me a birthday lunch, catered by Quizno's. It's very nice of them, but it puts us all in the uncomfortable position of celebrating my birthday like they know me. It's a little weird. But I'm sure it will be a good time, nonetheless.

Yesterday I missed my first day of work with what I believe was food poisoning. I felt really guilty calling in sick, especially since I asked for this Friday off for my second birthday celebration; this one with Christy. (Then there's my family celebration on Saturday, and Christy's family celebration on Sunday. Whew! I'm too old for this.) I don't know if it's residual from the food poisoning, but I have a huge headache right now. I need to lie down for a while before Christy gets home from work.

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Greg said...

Happy late birthday wishes from Greg Short in Utah :D